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  Between our auction web site, trustee sale reports & drop bids, we provide all the tools you need to be successful at the auctions.
  Trustee Sale Reports
Ion Data, LLC's Daily Trustee Sales Reports
  Provides auction investors with the most up-to-date information available including postponements dates/times and minimum bids. Our data is updated constantly throughout the day, we also take the extra step of calling and verifying any uncertain sales.

As part of your service for these reports, you get automatic membership in our feature-filled IonAuctionData website, which lets you search, track, and research anything you want to know about upcoming auctions. You can also download your reports from the website instead of getting them in your email. Trial memberships are available!

As an optional part of your service, we also send updated Drop Bid Reports to your email at key times throughout the day. These email updates alert you whenever an opening bid changes so you can be informed first, and warn you when a sale is postponed or cancelled. (So you don't waste your time waiting at the auction for nothing.)

Reports are published each business day around 5PM and either emailed to you and posted on the site where you can easily download them. Each Friday we send out a weekly report which shows all the upcoming trustee sales for the following week.
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1 Week Auction Preview (Fridays) XLS   PDF   CSV XLS   PDF   CSV XLS   PDF   CSV

Ion Data, LLC's Daily Commercial Only Foreclosures & Auctions Sales Reports
  Due to high interest from Commercial Investors, we have also created our custom Commercial Only Foreclosures & Auctions Report which combines commercial records of our foreclosure and auction reports.

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