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  We track foreclosures from when they first are recorded (Notice of Trustee Sales are filed) all the way up to when they go to auction. (Click here to check out our auction reports.)

In this section, we cover our various foreclosure products starting from 90 days before up to 2 weeks before the sale (Foreclosure Update Newsletter). We also talk about our custom software "Foreclosure Update Pro", which lets you search and track our data, create maps, make reports & labels and other useful things. Finally, our special "Commercial Only Foreclosures Report", designed just for commercial investors, and covering all 3 major Arizona counties, is also featured below.
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  Commercial Only Foreclosures Report
Ion Data LLC's Commercial Only Foreclosures & Auctions Report
  Due to high interest from Commercial Investors, we have also created our custom Commercial Only Foreclosures & Auctions Report.

This report is made up of only the commercial sections of our regular 90 Day Foreclosure Reports and our Daily Trustee Sales Reports. It covers the following counties: Maricopa, Pima, & Pinal.

This report is really just a combination of the Commercial sections of our foreclosure and auction reports. Whatever day that section would normally be published, is the same day that section of the commercial report will be published to you.  
Commercial Only Foreclosures & Auctions Report
Day Published Report Piece Description
Daily Combined_Daily_Trustee_Sales.xls All Counties Daily
Commercial Auctions
Weekly Combined_1Week_Trustee_Sales.xls All Counties Weekly
Commercial Auctions
Weekly C_Maricopa_1Week_Trustee_Sales.pdf Maricopa 1 Week
Commercial Auctions
Weekly C_Pima_1Week_Trustee_Sales.pdf Pima 1 Week
Commercial Auctions
Weekly C_Pinal_1Week_Trustee_Sales.pdf Pinal 1 Week
Commercial Auctions
Tuesdays PimaCF.PDFPimaCF.csv Pima Commercial Foreclosures
Wednesdays MCF.pdfMCF.csv Maricopa Commercial Foreclosures
Thursdays PCF.pdfPCF.csv Pinal Commercial
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